The mother of all insult-generators!

And seldom has the term "Mother of all..." made more sense. If you ever feel too good about yourself the Insulting Monk will be at hand ready to get you off that cloud! The master of ancient spite is filled to the brim with insults just for you.

Why and when would you need this?

You'll learn to ignore all the world's bozos
You're going to a funeral when your team won
You miss your mom? (Hi mom!)
We want your cash you dimwit!

Is this really worth a dollar?

Nope, it's worth 99 cents.

Who make up these questions?

I do.

But that means...

Yes you're talking to yourself. And so am I.

OK, OK, just tell me where I can get it!

You know the drill...

How it works:

Whenever you touch the Monk one of the several insult-generators will fire and he'll share what's on his mind.

The generators are a combination of technological wizardry creating new, fresh insults, and authored lines. The app contains several thousand possible insults and we plan to issue updates including more after the initial release.