Fumbers - It's fun with numbers!

Honestly, it can be! Fumbers(tm) will convince you, it will test your reflexes and your memory. It's a game anyone with an index-finger and a brain can play. Fumbers(tm) is the kind of game the whole family can enjoy, even the members of the family that never understood the point of video games!

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It's fun!
Your brain wants to be challenged and it wants to be rewarded. Fumbers delivers both challenges and awards finely tuned for maximum fun.
Just memorize the numbers and pick them out in the correct order before the timer runs out. The faster you manage, the more points you get. If you can count to nine, you can play Fumbers.

It's for everyone!
Fumbers is designed to transcend the age-barrier that prevents a lot of people from enjoying video games. Show Fumbers to your parents and grandparents.
Be warned though: You might not get your iPhone or iPod touch back for a while!

It helps your brain
While playing Fumbers is, good, wholesome fun - it also trains your short-time memory. Research even suggest it has a preventive effect on Alzheimer's disease: Theories about what is called Cognitive reserve shows that actively challenging your brain with positive stress like that in Fumbers might actually lessen the impact of Alzheimer's disease!
The friendly game
Fumbers is created with visuals and sound that is meant to create a friendly atmosphere for the player. The choice of colors, art-direction, geometric shapes and all other details are there two make you feel at home.

The backgrounds
The pastel-styled backgrounds takes you all across the world: Paris, France. Giza, Egypt. New York, NY, USA. Machu Picchu, Peru. The Earth, The Milky Way. Valsøyfjord, Norway.

Available now!
Fumbers(tm) costs $1.99 and is available through the iTunes App Store.