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Yes, it is possible. You can get your hands on our apps without paying a dime. How? Well, we are not generally in the business of giving away our titles. (That wouldn't be much of a business to be honest). We do however occasionally give away copies of our titles for promotional purposes. Not the grandest of motives we'll admit, but it shouldn't make much of a difference to you.

The majority of these give-aways are given through small competitions held in various web-forums and through our Twitter channel. So, how are you to know just when and where these contests take place? Our Twitter channel has already been mentioned, but the absolute best way to get news is to sign up for our newsletter. We will also give away a couple of copies to our subscribers on occasion so this is really the best way to improve your chances. Just fill out your email address and name below and press the "sign me up" button.

We will send you news whenever we feel we have something worth sharing and will always inform you about any upcoming give-away events. We promise not to spam you and we will not sell our give your information to any third parties.