squid drop
WARNING: Squid Drop is to be used for FUN only!

Help the squid to avoid the grueling monsters of the deep in this roller coaster ride of a game. With only one life to spare this rumored relative of the ancient Cthulhu needs all the help he can get! Only your sharpened reflexes and super-human reactions will keep him alive.

What the press says:
«If you liked Doodle Jump, you'll fall in love with Squid Drop»

- App Advice
«Squid Drop is a really enjoyable game»

-Touch Arcade
«If you’re going to buy an app this week, place a sure bet on Squid Drop…»

-App Vader
«...a simple concept infused with creativity, surprises and huge entertainment value.»

-App Picker
Click on one of the screenshots above to have a closer look. Or watch the trailer, if you want to see what Squid Drop looks like in action.
Meet the monsters:

The ocean is crammed with dangers for a small squid, no matter its heritage. The creatures to the left are just some of these aquatic antagonists you will meet playing Squid Drop.
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